2023 Singles Club Championship Rules


START: Monday 31st July, 2023
END: 15 September, 2020

Entries close: 18th April, 2022


The BTC 2023 Singles Club Championship is a round robin tournament played between members of the BTC. Each player will play 4 matches in the round robin , then finals (if qualify). Each round of singles matches are given one week to play their match. Matches can be played at any time and anywhere that suits the two players of each match. One player per match will be assigned the home player and they will be responsible for organising the match time, court and balls.


Players will be been divided into groups and will play each person once in their group during the round robin tournament. The top players will play-off for the coveted “BTC Club Champion” trophies. See the Finals section below for more details.


The BTC Club Championship Organizing Committee will create equal level playing groups, with players ranked 1 through n in each group.

Entry Fee

Entry is $10 to BTC Members. Non BTC members are not eligible for entry.


The winners of the Men’s and Women’s Championships get bragging rights for the next 12 months, plus their name of the world famous BTC Club Championship plates and trophies.


All matches, including finals are best of 3 sets, with the 3rd set being a 10 point super tie-breaker (if required).

Set Completion

A set is completed when one player wins 6 games by a margin of 2 games. If the set score reaches 6-6, a 7-point tiebreaker is played to determine the winner of that set. If a third set is required, a 10-point super tiebreaker is to be played.

Earning Points

Players receive points based on the set scores of their match.

Calculating Points

The Winning Player Receives
12 points for a 3 set win (the 3rd set is a 10 point super tie-breaker)
14 points for a 2 set win

The Losing Player Receives
One point for each game won in their two sets, up to a maximum of 8 points per match.

Example match score: 6-4, 6-2

  • Winner receives 14 points
  • Loser receives 6 points

Example match score: 6-4, 5-7, 10-6 (super tie-break)

  • Winner receives 12 points
  • Loser receives 8 points

Win by Default (injury or forfeit)

Winning player receives 14 points
Losing player receives 4 points*

  • *Players who forfeit prior to their match will receive 4 points. This forfeit bonus can only be used once throughout the tournament.
  • *Players who forfeit during a match will receive the total points gained to that stage in the match, or the 4 forfeit points, whichever is greater. If the player has already used their forfeit points already in another match then they will receive the total number of points to that stage in the match.


Hopefully the weather gods play nicely throughout the tournament. However, if you have been unable to play your match during the one week period due to poor weather please let the organising committee know and we will reshuffle the schedule to get your match started or completed.

Court Location & Balls

The home player supplies the balls and decides the court location. One player from each match will be assigned the home player.

Court Fees

Court fees (if any) are to be shared between the home and away player, includes lights.

Posting Scores

The winning player is responsible for posting the scores to BTC Social / Hit Partner WhatsApp group or the Club Champs WhatsApp Group.

Match Scheduling

IMPORTANT: Don’t wait until the last minute of the week to schedule your matches! The home court player should contact their first opponent as soon as they receive the draw. When the draw is released you will be tagged either a home or away player.

Scheduling your matches

The schedule allows you one week to play each match. Please refer to the Draw (TBD) to determine who you are playing each week.

Be Flexible

We encourage you to be flexible when you play your matches in order for both you and your opponent to get on court.


The Finals will be played once all round robin matches are complete.

Who qualifies for Finals?

The top 2 players in each Division 1 group will qualify for finals

The top player in each Division 2 group will qualify for finals

  • Should a player forfeit prior to their finals match, the next best player from their group will take their place
  • Should a player forfeit during a final, their opponent will be declared the winner of the match

Finals Format

After the Round Robin matches are complete players will be ranked based off of the number of points won in the round robin.

Semi finals:

Match 1: Highest ranked player v lowest ranked player

Match 2: Third ranked player v second ranked player

The winner of each of these matches will play off in the Championship match.

*If two players from the round robin finish on equal points the winner will be the player with the least number of games against them. If there is still a tie, the player will the least number of 3 set matches will be the winner.

Last Point

Play fierce but have fun. Unsporting behaviour will not be tolerated against your opponent 😠.

May the best BTC player win!

BTC Club Championship Organising Committee