2024 BTC Doubles Club Championship

START: 6 pm Friday 19th April, 2024
END: 1 pm, Saturday 20th April, 2024


The BTC 2024 Doubles Club Championship is a Round Robin tournament played between members of the BTC. Each pair will play three 8 game sets in a Round Robin group, followed by finals if they qualify. All Round Robin and finals matches will be played at the Bendigo Regional Tennis Centre.


Players will be divided into four groups and will play each pair in their group once during the Round Robin tournament. The top two pairs in each group will play against each other to win the coveted “BTC Doubles Club Champion” trophy. See the Finals section below for more details.


  • Marcos & Kevin
  • Jacob & Breeza
  • Oscar & Brad Heyme
  • Penno & Smythy


  • Jaso & Keely
  • Millington & Doyle
  • Frank & Floody
  • Baz & Jono


  • Jin & Ben McKinley
  • Tova & Narelle
  • Flynn & Jaxon
  • Shane & Clinton


  • Jim & Bathy
  • Lloydy & Andres
  • Doc & Maxy
  • Damage & Nathan

Entry Requirements

To play in the championship, player must pay an entry fee of $10, payable to the club Treasurer Brad Harris on the night. Please bring cash only for the entry fee payment. Non-BTC members are not eligible for entry.


All matches, including the finals, are 8 game sets with a 7 point tiebreaker to be played at 7-7.

A set is completed when a pair wins 8 games by a margin of 2 games. If the set score reaches 7-7, a 7-point tiebreaker is to be played to determine the winner of the set.

Win by Default (injury or forfeit)

Pairs will be awarded the set if one or both opposing players forfeit. The forfeiting team will be assigned the number of games they’ve won in the set at the time they forfeit.

Player Substitution

Player(s) can be substituted prior to the start of a set, but player(s) cannot be substituted during a set. If player(s) cannot complete a set, the pair will forfeit the set (see Win by Default).

At the approval of the organising committee, if a player cannot continue in the tournament, a player can be substituted with an equal or lower level player with another BTC member. The player substituted in can be a player already knocked out of the competition. Substituted players that were not previously in the tournament do not have to pay an entry fee, and existing players in the tournament do not need to pay an entry fee again upon re-entry into the tournament.


The top two pairs in each Round Robin group will move through to the quarter finals. Pairs will be ranked in their group according to the total number of games the pair has won across all their round robin matches. If pairs are equal on games at the completion of the Round Robin then the number games scored against each pair will be taken into account to determine their ranking. If there is still a tie, the pairs will be ranked on the fewest games conceded in their last set of the Round Robin.

Quarter Finals

  • QF 1: Winner of Group 1 v Runner Up Group 2
  • QF 2: Winner of Group 2 v Runner Up Group 1
  • QF 3: Winner of Group 3 v Runner Up Group 4
  • QF 4: Winner of Group 4 v Runner Up Group 3

Semi Finals

  • SF 1: Winner of QF 1 v Winner of QF 2
  • SF 2: Winner of QF 3 v Winner of QF 4


Winner of SF 1 v Winner of SF 2


The winners of the Doubles Club Championship will get bragging rights for the next 12 months, plus their name on the world famous BTC Doubles Club Championship trophy.


Unsporting behaviour against your opponent(s) will not be tolerated. Play fierce but have fun!

May the best BTC pair win!

BTC Doubles Club Championship Organising Committee