Culture & Policies

The Bendigo Tennis Club complies with Tennis Victoria's Constitution, Policies, By-Laws and regulations

Inclusion, Diversity & Respect

The Bendigo Tennis Club is built on the foundation of providing a healthy, open, vibrant, engaging and social sporting environment that is inclusive, respectful and welcoming of everyone in our community, regardless of ability, gender, cultural background, ethnicity or stage of life.

The committee together with our members value diversity, cultural and religious differences and inclusive practices. Every person will be treated with respect and dignity and protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse.

We recognise that people cannot enjoy themselves or perform at their best if they are treated unfairly, so here at the Bendigo Tennis Club we provide an environment that is free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.

We can all be competitive playing this great game and understand at times things may get heated on court…but in no way is anyone to be disrespectful to their opponents.

Please refer to the resources below for further information, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of the BTC committee members.

VicHealth: Everyone Wins – Supporting Diversity in Community Sporting Clubs

Play by the Rules: Inclusion in sport

All Bendigo Tennis Club policies are regularly reviewed by the committee and updated where needed. The Bendigo Tennis Club ensure its policies and procedures are used to guide decision making within the club. All documented policies and procedures will be available at the club’s website

BTC Social Media Policy

The Bendigo Tennis Club Inc. encourages the use of Social Media and recognises and appreciates the value of Social Media as a tool for the club and its members to engage, communicate, learn, share and drive innovation. As Social Media is shared in the public realm, it is vital that the valuable public reputation of BTC, sponsors and other BTC stakeholders is protected. Therefore, BTC prohibits communication from members that is defamatory, obscene, misrepresentative or for commercial purposes.

For more information, please download our BTC Social Media Policy here.

Tennis Victoria and Tennis Australia Policies

The Bendigo Tennis Club is bound by, and comply with, the Tennis Victoria Constitution, Policies, By-Laws and regulations. These documents can be located at:

The Bendigo Tennis Club is bound by, and comply with, the Tennis Australia National Policies, including but not limited to the Member Protection Policy, Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct, Disciplinary Policy and Code of Behaviour Tournaments and Weekly Competitions and privacy policy. Copies of the Tennis Australia National Policies can be located at:

The Bendigo Tennis Club complies with the Participation and Online Terms and Conditions (POTC) that govern the use of national online tennis systems. A copy of the POTC can be located at:


As part of the membership onboarding process, the Bendigo Tennis Club need to collect personal information about persons named in the membership application form. When the member provides personal information it agrees that this will be used by the Bendigo Tennis Club, Tennis Victoria, Tennis Australia and other Australian Tennis Organisations under the terms of this collection statement, and the tennis privacy policy located at, which contains information about how any other person named in the membership application form, may access and seek correction of their personal information or complain about a breach of their privacy, and how we will deal with that complaint. If the member does not agree, they must not provide personal information, and you may be unable to be a member of the Bendigo Tennis Club and/or Tennis Victoria. Tennis Victoria, Tennis Australia and other Australian Tennis Organisations may disclose the personal information in this application form to other parties, including our related companies, other Australian Tennis Organisations, and third parties who provide services to us. From time to time, these third parties may be located (and therefore personal information may be disclosed) overseas, including to the USA and the Netherlands and as otherwise specified in the tennis privacy policy.