Your Bendigo Tennis Club committee

Bendigo Tennis Club Committee

  • President: Damien Saunder (president at bendigotennisclub dot com)
  • Vice-President: Chris Lloyd
  • Treasurer: Brad Harris
  • Secretary: Craig Stubbings
  • Board Member: Barry Ward
  • Board Member: Jack Rule
  • Board Member: [vacant]
  • Board Member [vacant]

The Bendigo Tennis Club is committed to attracting diverse range of quality people to serve on its committee. Should you want to be apart of our vibrant and fun club committee please contact Damien Saunder or Chris Lloyd.

The Bendigo Tennis Club committee is committed to:

  1. Developing a clear and transparent Strategic Plan through strong membership consultation 
  2. Retaining quality people by providing development opportunities within the club
  3. The committee meeting monthly throughout the year in order to meet its roles and responsibilities
  4. Develop and maintain an up-to-date Rules, where the most important matters and powers of the committee are contained
  5. Develop policies and by-laws