2023 / 24 Summer Pennant

The 2023/24 Summer Pennant is fast approaching. Please register your interest with the Bendigo Tennis Club if you intend to play to Senior or Junior Pennant.

Here’s what we need from you by Monday 18th September to register your interest:

  • Name
  • Phone number and email
  • Singles and Doubles UTR (if you don’t have a UTR please indicate Grade preference)
  • Whether you intend to play full time (play more than 75% of the time) or part time (play less than 50% of the time)

** Please be mindful that the Senior & Junior Calendars differ **


  • Matches throughout the regular season will be played on Saturday’s at 1pm
  • Senior Pennant Fees are $14 per player per match

Senior Pennant Changes for 2023 / 24 Season

  • B Grade Format
  • 3 Round Final Series
  • UTR Recommendations For Player Grading

Senior Player Grading

  • UTR Rating between 1 to 4.0: Recommended for C Grade
  • UTR Rating between 3.5 to 6.5: Recommended for B Grade
  • UTR Rating above 6: Recommended for A Grade

Senior Pennant Calendar


Junior Pennant fees are $12 per player per match

Junior Playing Days/Times

Friday at 4:30pm

  • A Open
  • A Mixed
  • A Girls
  • A Mixed

Saturday at 8:30am

  • C Mixed

Saturday at 10:30am

  • B Girls
  • B Boys

Junior Pennant Changes for 2023 / 24 Season

  • A Open & A Mixed Formats
  • C Mixed

Junior Pennant Calendar

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